Heard is an online magazine about women in the music industry, for women in the music industry.

Heard aims to showcase women and female-led projects across all aspects of the industry, from promotion to performance, in order to inspire and encourage all women working in music.

Following a one-off print version of Heard, we hope to grow this online platform to host ideas and opportunities for young women hoping to work in music.

There are so many women working for labels, venues, as creatives and as musicians that deserve to be showcased and celebrated to encourage even more women to get involved.

Here are some stats from Women in Music, an organisation that campaign for parity in the industry:

  • The gender divide in the industry across all regions of the world is roughly 70% men to 30% women.
  • Only 6% of recognised producers in the US are women.
  • Here in the UK, only 16% of PRS members are women.
  • Only 22% of the 600 most popular songs from the past 5 years were performed by women.
  • Only 12% of these 600 songs were written by female songwriters.

Statistics true of December 2018.